Kinesiology Tape
Kinesiology Tape was invented by a doctor in Japan who wanted a way to help his human clients in between visits. It became very popular with human athletes, and recently has become popular to use on animals.

Kinesio Tape is a stretchy, fabric-like athletic tape that sticks to the fur of animals. It helps improve function by lightly pulling up on the hair. This lift decompresses the skin and improves blood flow thus decreasing inflammation.

Kinesio Tape can also be used to help improve joint stability and decrease pain.

Initial appointments includes a gait obersvation of the animal, discussing observations, current concerns, and a treatment plan, as well as the first taping.

Initial Appointment: $35
Follow-Up: $5 + 50 cents per inch of tape

Currently not available

50 cents a mile for travel will be charge outside of a 30 mile radius of Canine Complete's home location.