Massage Therapy
Just like humans, dogs and other animals can suffer from muscle tension and trigger points.

Massage has several benefits. Most importantly it helps release tension in the muscles. Regular massaging may also help improve muscle tone for animals who have muscle atrophy due to age, injury, or have arthritis.

Another benefit to massage is for active dogs who participate in trials and events. Massaging muscles and lowering tension may help prevent injury due to overuse or strain.

Massaging isn't just petting an animal. It uses specific techniques to help improve blood flow over the muscle tissue and open up your pet's natural energy flow which may improve recovery time.

Initial appointments include a gait obersvation of the animal, discussing observations, current concerns, and a treatment plan, as well as the first massage.

Canine Massage
Initial Appointment: $65
One hour: $50
Half hour: $30

Horse Massage
Currently not available

50 cents a mile for travel will be charge outside of a 30 mile radius of Canine Complete's home location.