ANMR Technique
Animal Neuro-Myofacial Release (ANMR) uses a tool similar to an activator. This tool sends rapid motion through the soft tissue surrounding a joint. This motion helps the muscle to release and reset the area where a pathology was observed.

ANMR follows a ten step protocol for releasing pathologies. Tyically, the protocol begins at the atlas and ends with tail, but can vary depending on the animals sensitivity and treatment needs.
ANMR is not a chiropractic adjustment.
Initial appointments includes a gait obersvation of the animal, discussing observations, current concerns, and a treatment plan, as well as the first session.

Small Animal
Initial Appointment: $35
Follow-Up: $25

Initial Appointment: $45
Follow-Up: $35

50 cents a mile for travel will be charge outside of a 30 mile radius of Canine Complete's home location.